IGM, has been taking to provide quality services as a goal for a many years to custom brokerage and trade consultant with experienced and wise team.
IGM team which is acting with team spirit, aware that his companies are at the forefront of feasibility operations. 

Our Customers:
We are responsible to our customers. We help our customer with minimizing the costs with possibilities under the laws. Also we never forget that our customers are; “human being”

Our Employees;
Also we are responsible for our employees. Hard work is precious for our company.
The satisfaction and continuity of our employees is important for IGM.  We embrace the principle of
“Happy Employee is equals happy customer”.

We are responsible for the environment. The biggest responsibility for İGM is that protect the lives of future generations with considering the importance of natural resources with economic, environmental and social dimensions.
Companies have to grow with having the ability of sustain without compromising the possibility of providing the needs of future generations.
Based on this idea, IGM builds concept of sustainability to provide quality service for our customers,
ensure the satisfaction and continuity of our employees and be sensitive to the environment in our service.