Automotive sector companies (manufacturers, suppliers and distributors) must respond to rapidly changing economic conditions and market dynamics very quickly in order not to lose their competitive advantage.

IGM, employees and processes with customers:

  • Simple and fast
  • Cost effective
  • High accuracy rate
  • It offers secure solutions.


The chemical industry is the sector where the most stringent safety and environmental conditions are implemented and monitored. These harsh conditions can be dealt with in every ring of the chemical industry supply chain, but with expertise and costs. The timely delivery of your products to the domestic and foreign markets affects all aspects of your sustainability in the market, protection of the product market share, keeping costs under control, and customer satisfaction.
With integrated services, IGM moves chemical industry companies to more competitive levels.


  • Supply Chain Analysis and Design
  • International Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution Center Management
  • Distribution to Stores


  • Control documents are obtained from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and certificates of conformity for product safety and auditing are obtained.
  • Only the personnel employed in this field are employed for the procedures to be followed in the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture.


When we think about the Textile, change, speed and competition comes to mind. In order to be successful, delivery times should be short, product and production quality is high, suppliers and supply chain and logistics infrastructure should be reliable and deliveries must be accurate and complete.
In the textile sector, foreign trade transactions of all kinds of textile products from raw material to intermediate goods and auxiliary accessories are organized in accordance with the legislation and finalized to be finalized.

IGM plays a leading role in the textile sector by providing cost analysis.
IGM also, includes the acquisition of Customs Code, receipt of registration certificate, procurement and follow-up of internal processing authorization, procurement and follow-up of internal processing, procurement and follow-up of outward processing authorization, acquisition of surveillance certificate and follow-up.


IGM completes the transactions for the companies that import and export Electric Energy, and follow the import process.


  • Control documents are obtained from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and certificates of conformity for product safety and auditing are obtained.
  • Raw material tax exemption approvals are obtained from the Ministry of Health with control documents.
  • In addition, IGM and SOYAK Pharmaceuticals Agent Collaboration;

 Storage, Secondary Packaging and Logistics Services are provided.
It offers a modern service where the storage operations are followed by technological infrastructure with modern storage vehicles for “Health products storage management”.


It provides distribution service with its young and flexible usage, all of which are insulated against heat changes.


İn the market, IGM has a reputation and very important place of transporting “hi-tech” products.
The legislation of this type of products is more complex and needs to be handled more precisely and carefully.

IGM Customer’s sectors;

  • Computer and data processing
  • Banking
  • Test and measurement
  • Contact
  • Data and audio network equipment
  • Production robots
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Construction Industry
  • visualization
  • Office technology
  • Medical devices