Since the foundation of IGM

  • Comply with the laws of the country
  • Directly or indirectly, never be involved in any illegal payment.
  • Accuracy and honesty is above personal interests
  • Avoiding situations where personal interests conflict with company interests and commitment to the company
  • The main principle of not taking the interest due to duty and not entering conflict of interest
  • Not to benefit from and benefit from the official or confidential documents obtained during the service
  • To act in accordance with the rules of courtesy and respect in relations with public officials and customers, to know their rights and duties


A good working environment;

  • Mutual love, respect and trust
  • To act in accordance with human dignity and personal rights against employees,
  • To give the employees the promised personal rights and all legal rights.
  • Comply with the principle of transparency
  • Safe, healthy, stimulating production
  • Allowing staff to improve themselves
  • Happy Employee = Happy Customer adopts the principle
  • During the commercial activities, not to harm the environment, to make the least damage in obligatory situations,
  • Not to compromise on quality in service sales,


It has adopted these principle with all employees.